Leesa Soulodre is a dynamic corporate speaker known for her ability to inspire audiences with cutting-edge examples from around the world. As a Keynote, Speaker and Moderator, she has presented at major financial, technology, and business conferences internationally. Clients describe her as a powerful catalyst for inspiring critical thinking and innovation.


    Current Topics:

    • Masters vs. Robots in a Smart Nation
    • Friction Free Futures
    • Cyber Risk Oversight
    • Managing a Data Breach. How to survive a hack.
    • Transformation for a Digital Mindset
    • Digital Transformation
    • Reputation Risk Management on the B/Leading Edge
    • Think like a Re/Founder
    • Reengineering for Customer Experience
    • The Future of Healthcare / Hospital Management

    If you are interested in having Leesa Soulodre deliver an Executive program or teach internationally please contact:

    Executive Education, at Singapore Management University.


    For all Keynote, Panelist, or Moderator sessions please contact:

    Toby Mossup, Managing Agent, Chartwell Worldwide Speakers Bureau

    Jeffrey Meng, CEO, London Speakers Bureau China


    Upcoming Events​​

    • November 23, 2020  - Facilitator, Founder Ethics, Singapore Management University, Singapore.
    • December 1, 2020 - Facilitator - Value-Based Healthcare, St Lukes Philippines, Singapore Management University, Philippines.
    • March 13, 2021 - Keynote, "Friction-free economies in a smart nation", Visions of the 21st Century, G10 Special Edition: The World After Corona, Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


    SPEAKER, 2020



    SPEAKER, 2020



    SPEAKER, 2020



    What does “creating meaningful impact” mean in the world of Venture Capital? Is venture capital inherently impactful? Do venture capital funds need to make it a central part of their mission to claim impact? These are a few of the questions my international panel of Venture Capitalists wanted to explore in a recent panel hosted by Girls inTech and INSEAD Indevor student club. Venture Capital is often referred to as the original impact investing vehicle. Whilst the field retains a financial-returns-first approach, there are an increasing amount of VC Funds placing environmental and social impact at the core of their strategies - alongside financial returns.


    SPEAKER, 2020



    SPEAKER, 2020


    Nick Stanley at RunwayHQ I was joined by AJ Kulatunga 🔥 Leesa Soulodre and Philippe Guichard for a discussion on how to "Make Lemonade" from these COVID Lemons! It was a great event and the speakers contributed some real gold! Here is a 15min extract featuring AJ and Leesa talking about one example of how a business pivoted and turned a challenge into an opportunity.

    Join www.runwayvirtual.co for the full event and to join the discussion.



    SPEAKER, 2020


    An opportunity to think, reflect and act, building agility into our value chains and reengineering for sustainability and to realign for alignment of incentives with our stakeholders #ESG #ImpactInvestment #Asia


    SPEAKER, 2020


    What are the positive effects of the advanced usage of personal data in the area of social and private health insurance? How can institutions and companies that have access to data about our private lives, health, finances and relationships better protect them from unauthorized use or cyber-attacks. Explore these questions and more in our Digital University - Family of the Future Report.


    SPEAKER, 2020


    Experior Venture Fund’s 𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗮𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗻𝗶𝘀𝗹𝗮𝘄𝘀𝗸𝗮 and R3i Ventures’ 𝗟𝗲𝗲𝘀𝗮𝗦𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗼𝗱𝗿𝗲, offered valuable insights on LP fundraising and demand as well as how funds and founders are extending their runways and pivoting to adapt to the new normal.


    To watch the full session, click here:https://www.facebook.com/TheAsianBanker/videos/889521654896685/


    SPEAKER, 2020


    On this episode of the Perfect Pitch Show, we sit down with one of Runway's own board members, Leesa Soulodre. Leesa is a serial entrepreneur who has spent her time on the frontier of DeepTech pioneering.

    BE HEARD - IWD 2020

    SPEAKER, 2020


    On IWD2020, as part of a women leaders master class series #BeSeenBeHeardBeHealthyBeRich, IE Business School and Singapore Management University Adjunct Faculty member, Leesa Soulodre leads with 10 tips that you can take back to work to help you not only survive but also thrive in a reputation economy.





    Leesa leads the dialogue on Underhyped, overstreached: Health Innovation in Asia with Harjit Gill, CEO APAC MedTech, Rosaline Chow Koo, Founder and CEO of CxA Group, Aleli Arcilla, President and General Manager at Reckitt Benckiser Health Philippines, James Miles-Lambert , CEO Hello Health and HE. Maya Mya Lay Sein, Deputy Minister Health and Sport of Myanmar.


    SPEAKER, 2019


    Speaking on Friction Free Futures in a Smart Nation" at Masters and Robots 2019, Warsaw, Poland and as a Panelist, on "Shaping the Future of Smart Cities: Technologies, Policies, Society". 2 Days of lectures, 1000 participants, 50 speakers and panelists, 47 discussion panels!


    SPEAKER, 2019


    Imagine an economy, without friction—a new world of digital marketplaces in which labour, information, and money move easily, cheaply, and almost instantly. In his 1999 book, The Road Ahead, Bill Gates defined “friction-free capitalism.” At the time it was a prediction. But by 2015 it became a reality. In this session, I will showcase disruptive Asian pioneers enabling a friction-free digital future for their markets. These pioneers are not only marching their ecosystems towards a friction-free future, but also a socially viable one. We will explore: what they are doing to digitize and remove friction from their industry sectors. if a friction-free economy results in an economy free of middlemen? What are the key benefits for consumers, and what are the advantages to society? If technologies of the digital future can remove friction like time, accessibility, and distance? How can we do that inclusively, so everyone gets the same access and on the same playing field? In a friction-free economy where business models are assets like, what do you view as the 3 key ingredients that are going to empower companies to not only survive but thrive? If a friction-free economy lowers barriers, “allowing every person and organization the same opportunities, what should we expect in the future?




    Leesa facilitates a journey for the graduating classes of SMU and IE-SMU across the BCG 6 models of corporate innovation with Unilever Foundry, Syngenta, SGS and Plattar. The second half of the day was spent in a design thinking workshop to hack solutions for the Punggol Digital District at Level3, Singapore.


    MODERATOR, 2019



    90% of data was created in the past two years; by 2020, there will be 40 trillion gigabytes of data. How can businesses effectively utilise big data: namely, to sieve efficiently through the troves of information to analyse relevant data, develop optimised metrics, and use them to guide decisions towards success? Moderated by: Leesa Soulodre, General Partner, R3iVentures Puneet Garg, Head of Data Science, Carousell Yann AitBachir, Head of Data, Shopback Akbar Ahmed, Lead Data Scientist, Datavlt Korey Lee, Head of Data, South China Morning Post


    MODERATOR, 2019



    The power of digital connectivity is having the biggest impact in especially small businesses. Leveraging technologies can take away friction caused by time, distance and to manage their operations. They are not only marching towards a friction-free future, but also a socially viable one.




    From opening the conference on the topic of our Exponential World with Polish Entrepreneur Sebastian Kulczyk and Digital University Founder, Jowita Michalska, to exploring new forms of investments, the future of Drone regulation, regulating Industry 4.0, to Masters vs Robots and Immortality and Robots at Work: what humans should do to survive. Leesa shares what she looks forward to every year at Masters and Robots.


    SPEAKER, 2019


    This is the Digital Reputation Risk and Cyber Governance class delivered in Barcelona for TRIUM Global Executive MBA Alumni - Module 7. TRIUM is the collaboration of the London School of Economics and Political Science, HEC School of Management, and NYU Stern School of Business. In this class you will explore the business impact of a major cyberattack on your company; Experience time constrained decision making during a fictitious crisis management period, and practice your board level critical thinking skills. Finally, you will stress test your understanding of the cybersecurity threat landscape, and the respective responsibilities of the board in reputation management.


    SPEAKER, 2019


    Moderated by: Justyna Wilczyńska-Baraniak Associate Partner, Leader of Intellectual Property and Technology Team at EY Law Panelists: Leesa Soulodre Deep Tech Pioneer, VC, Adjunct at Singapore Management University; Sebastian Grabowski Director of IoT and Advanced Technologies in Orange Polska; Tomasz Jaworski Digital Transformation Partner at Microsoft; Mateusz Jarosiewicz Expert in a smart city, e-state, and digitization at the National Institute for Strategic Studies.

    Quarter Life Campus in Dubai - Masters vs Robots in a Smart Nation




    Commentators are arguing how many jobs will be lost to digitization. Yet, there's one way in which humans cannot fully be replaced: empathy and personalized interactions. So how will customer engagement change as a result of artificial intelligence? Will robots be able to emulate human empathy? And how can we design a path such that humans and robots work to complement each other? In this session, participants gained an understanding of the jobs that are susceptible to automation. We explored just how much robots will be able to emulate human empathy, and gained an understanding of how humans and robots are best able to work together.

    WHAT IS IoT?



    There are over 4,800 IoT startups listed on Crunchbase, the leading enterprise and startups finder platform. IoT is an incredibly popular topic but what exactly is it and how does it work?

    In this podcast, QLC Head of Product, Eddy speaks to Leesa Soulodre, Chief Innovation Officer for Inspirit IoT. You will learn:
    - what IoT actually means
    - the use cases and benefits of it
    - an explanation of how it works
    - key business areas that are utilizing this




    Leesa provides a Keynote on the basics of Masters vs Robots in a Smart Nation at the Masters and Robots Conference 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.



    IoT Asia 2018


    Watch this video to find out how Inspirit IoT redefines the Safety & Security Surveillance Sector by developing unique AI solutions for different markets. With the support from NCS in Singapore, the start-up created “Sound Guardian”. This is possible by combining AI, soft- and hardware elements, Sound Guadian is able to detect suspicious behaviour. Are you interested in Safety & Security?



    IoT Asia 2018


    Can you be inspired by a movie to build your very own rescue robot in your teens? Does today's educational system support that kind of digital innovation? Leesa Soulodre and Rishabh Java explore how digital technology is being embedded into 21st century learning.

    #interchangestudio #interchangenetwork #interchangecommunity

    Leesa Soulodre, Chief Reputation Risk Officer and Managing Partner, RL Expert Group.




    There is much hype about humans being displaced by robots. Leesa shares a keynote on Masters vs Robots in a Smart Nation. Where do we deploy robots? Where do we deploy both humans and robots? Where do we reengineer humans back into the customer experience and how in a smart nation? Why?




    Different faces of entrepreneurship and startups | Masters & Robots 2017



    SINGAPORE 2016

    Leesa joins Deloitte MD SEA, Insead Professor of Innovation and Technology, www.99.co Founder and Grab Regional Head of Public Affairs to discuss the role of governance in innovating businesses to survive and thrive in an Asian Century.


    KEYNOTE, 2018


    Leesa keynotes the Singapore Institute of Directors Graduation Ceremony with a presentation on Repuation Risk in an Asian Century. Graduates took back to the office new critical thinking based mental models for reputation risk management and a greater awareness of the risks and opportunities, especially as it relates to the public markets.


    SPEAKER, 2015


    Leesa joins the Institutional investment community to explore "Trends in ESG integration" and discuss "reputation and sustainability" in the context of financial strategies.


    PANELIST, 2015


    Panelist for the Strategic Risk Forum "Managing Reputation Risks" with John Ludlow, former IHG Chief Risk Officer and Brian West, global Managing Director, crisis and issues management at FleishmanHillard.




    Leesa joins Deloitte CEO SEA Chaly Mah, Deloitte MD South East Asia and Leader of Innovation Dr Janson Yap and USQ's Dr Luke van der Laan to explore Foresight and Strategy in the Asia Pacific.


    MODERATOR, 2014


    Moderator for the SP Jain School of Management HR Conclave. Leading Asian Talent Directors from GSK, Dimension Data, Hay Group and SingTel joined Leesa to explore new strategies for motivation and retention for the 21st Century.

    Leesa Soulodre, Chief Reputation Risk Officer and Managing Partner, RL Expert Group.


    PANELIST, 2015


    Leesa Soulodre joined Former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow, En Zakie Ahmad Shariff, CEO of The Malaysian Directors Academy, Wee Hock Kee, Managing Director & Founder of CG Board Asia Pacific and En Nik Mohd Hasyudeen Yusoff, former Chairman Securities Commission Malaysia to discuss those companies with Enron-esque characteristics.


    SPEAKER, 2013


    Leesa educates Asset Owners and their Managers on 21st century approaches for effective portfolio management - examining best practices for ESG integration and aggressive accounting and forensic alpha modelling.

  • Jowita Michalska

    Masters & Robots Conference Chair

    "Leesa is an exceptional speaker with outstanding knowledge and track record of achievements, but first and foremost one of the most powerful women I have ever met in my life.

    She demonstrates a deep understanding of all aspects of the Digital World.

    Therefore, we make it a priority and see it as an honor for our entire Digital University team, that she is with us on every edition of our Masters&Robots conferences.

    She gives an engaging and knowledgeable contribution to the subject of cutting edge technologies and digital transformation. She’s not only an engaging Keynote speaker but also a highly valued educator to our Corporate community.

    I can truly call her a highlight of the conference and I am delighted that she can share her knowledge and global experience with our many audiences."

    Colin Carter, Head of Summits and Event Relationships

    Finance & Risk, Thomson Reuters / Refinitiv

    "As a panelist at the ASEAN Regulatory Summit in Singapore, Leesa was one of the standout experts on the speaker faculty. She gave an engaging and knowledgeable contribution to the subject of reputation damage from cybercrime and was certainly one of the key reasons the event was so well thought of. Given the chance, I would certainly add Leesa to future agendas, and would highly recommend her as a speaker of the highest caliber.”

    Thanos Karagrounas, Head of Knowledge Management,

    International Olympic Committee.

    "Leesa is a professional of the highest caliber. She demonstrates an extremely good understanding of all aspects of business, a recognized expert in her field of reputation, highly competent and one of the most efficient people I have ever met. She always delivers impact and results with respect and integrity.

    Andrew Thomas

    Founder of Cravenhill Publishing. Publishing editor of

    Transform and Communicate Magazines and Conferences

    "Leesa has spoken at a number of conferences we have organized. Not only has she proven to be a reliable and engaging speaker, but her knowledge of the industry has earned the respect of other senior figures who have agreed to be part of our conference programmes following a direct request from her."

  • Past Events


    • November 21, 2020 - Moderator, Innovation Ecosystems, SheLovesTech, Singapore.
    • November 20, 2020 - Moderator, Innovation in Agriculture, TBLI Asia Conference 2020, Runtheworld, Singapore.
    • November 17, 2020 - Keynote, Staying ahead of disruption: driving resiliency and transformation, NetApp regional webinar series, Singapore.
    • November 16–27, 2020 -  Mentor & Judge, Gear Up program Slingshot 2020, Singapore Fintech Festival, Singapore.
    • October 21, 2020 - Moderator - Founding a Cyber Startup in Singapore, Right Hand Security, Singapore.
    • October 21, 2020 - Ambassador - Interchange, Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific 2020, Singapore.
    • October 15, 2020 - Panelist - Deeptech F50 Global Capital Summit - AgTech Panel Discussion, San Francisco, California.
    • October 15, 2020 - Panelist - Ethics Futurist Showcase on Technoethics and Bioethics, 7th APEC Business Ethics for SMEs Forum, Singapore.  
    • October 5, 2020 - Facilitator, Founder Ethics Workshop, TechSauce Global Summit, Special Edition, Thailand
    • September 22, 2020 - Panelist, Making Lemonade: Innovative Thinking in the Time of COVID, Melbourne, Australia
    • September 22-23, 2020 - Keynote, Masters and Robots, Ai in Climate and SocietyWarsaw, Poland.
    • August 15-20, 2020 - Adjunct, Smart Planet Immersion, Women's Leadership Conference, OMBA Program, SMU Cox Business School, Texas, United States
    • August 6, 2020 - Panelist, PFAN Network, Climate and Clean Energy Opportunities for South East Asia, Singapore
    • July 31, 2020 - Judge, Startup Battle Asia/Americas/Europe Startup Network, Silicon Valley
    • June 26, 2020 - Speaker, Women in VC Briefing, European Women in VC, Warsaw, Poland.
    • June 3, 2020 - Speaker, Reshape the Future, Microsoft, Digital University, Warsaw, Poland.
    • May 28, 2020 - Expert, The Impact Investing Scene in Asia in the new Normal, Global Green Connect, Singapore
    • May 19, 2020 - Judge, Startup Battle Singapore, Startup Network, Silicon Valley
    • May 5, 2020 - Panelist, How will venture finance play out after the Pandemic, Asian Banker, Radio Finance, Singapore
    • March 8, 2020 - Expert, Masters Vs Robots - 10 Tools for Digital Transformation, Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Healthy, Be Rich, IWD 2020 - Masterclass -
    • March 3, 2020 - Speaker, Best Practice in Corporate Innovation, Koninklijke DSM N.V, Singapore
    • January 14, 2020 - Adjunct, Masters vs Robots - Hackathon,  IE-SMU Executive MBA Program, Singapore Management University, Singapore
    • November 26, 2019 - Adjunct, Masters vs Robots for MIT World Peace University, SMU Executive Education, Singapore Management University, Level3, Singapore
    • November 23, 2019 - Panelist, Women Will - Leadership and Entrepreneurship, GBG (Google Business Group) BizFest 2019, Singapore
    • November 21, 2019 - 500 Mentor, 500x Petronas Future Tech Accelerator, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • November 7-8th, 2019 - Judge, The Investible Games, Investible, Level3, Singapore.
    • November 8, 2019 - Innovation in Agriculture, TBLI-SKBI CONFERENCE ASIA 2019, Singapore Management University, Singapore.
    • November 6, 2019 - Adjunct, Digital Transformation & Digital Mindset,  Bank of Malaysia, IMD Business School, Jakarta, Indonesia.
    • November 1, 2019 - Judge, 9th Asia Forum for Climate and Clean Energy Financing (AFCCEF)Singapore International Energy Week, Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore’s Asia Clean Energy Summit, Singapore.
    • October 10, 2019, Adjunct, "Digital Transformation in Insurance", PZU, Digital University, Warsaw, Poland.
    • October 9, 2019, Keynote, "Friction Free Futures in a Smart Nation", Masters and Robots 2019, Warsaw, Poland.
    • October 8, 2019 - Panelist, "Shaping the Future of Smart Cities: Technologies, Policies, Society", Masters and Robots 2019, Warsaw, Poland.
    • October 7, 2019 - SingularityU Poland Global Impact Challenge, Google Campus Warsaw, Poland.
    • September 19, 2019 - Moderator, Underhyped, overstretched: Health Innovation in Asia,  Women & Access to Health, The Women's Forum - Asia, Singapore.
    • September 20, 2019 - Panelist, Digital Culture, Rolls Royce, DigiExpo, Singapore.
    • September 4, 2019 - Adjunct, Innovation Immersion, and Design Thinking, IE-SMU MBA, Level3, Singapore.
    • August 27, 2019 - Adjunct, Digital Culture, and Organizational Design, Hyperawareness: The Inside Story, SMU Executive Education, Singapore Management University.
    • July 25, 2019 - Adjunct, “The Technology of Tomorrow” - Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics - Healthcare Management in a Digital World, Singapore Management University, Singapore.
    • July 24, 2019 -  Adjunct,  "Masters vs Robots", IE - SMU Global Executive MBA Programme, Singapore  Management University, Singapore.
    • July 10, 2019 - Adjunct Faculty, "Cyber Risk Governance" - Singapore Institute of Directors Program, Singapore Management University, Singapore.
    • July 17, 2019 - Panelist, "Leadership by Design: Mentoring" - The Executive Centre, Singapore.
    • July 2, 2019 - Panelist, Source to Store - Transparency and Traceability, Digital Supply Chain Solutions to build consumer trust, SGS. Padang Level3, Singapore.
    • June 27th, 2019 - Moderator - Panel: Big Data Metrics for Smarter Business Decisions (Arise Deep Tech Stage), Innovfest 2019, Singapore
    • June 28th, 2019 - Moderator - "A Friction-Free Digital Future", Innovfest 2019, Singapore.
    • June 17, 2019 - Panellist, "Space for Agriculture in Southeast Asia", Grow Asia, Level3 Padang, Singapore.
    • June 7, 2019 - Adjunct Faculty, "Reputation Risk Management", TRIUM (NYU, HEC, LSE) EMBA Module 7, Barcelona, Spain
    • June 4, 2019 - Workshop "Doing Business In ASEAN" - Slingshot Accelerator, Padang Level3 - Unilever Foundry, Singapore.
    • May 20th – Jul 14th, 2019 - Adjunct, "Creative and Critical Thinking", MGMT649, Singapore Management University, Singapore.
    • May 12, 2019, Corporate Facilitator RunwayHQ, Geelong Ports, "Future of Ports Immersion Program", Singapore.
    • May 11, 2019, Adjunct, "Creative and Critical Thinking, IE-SMU MBA Programme, Singapore Management University, Singapore.
    • May 10, 2019, Track Chair, "Purpose-driven IoT: Video, Sensors & Robotics", NCS TechConnect 2019, Singapore
    • May 9, 2019, Adjunct, "Creative and Critical Thinking", IE-SMU MBA Programme, Singapore Management University, Singapore.
    • May 9, 2019, Adjunct, "Cyber Governance and Digital Reputation Risk", SMU-Singapore Institute of Directors Programme, Singapore Management University, Singapore.
    • May 7, 2019, ADB Dutchcham Women's event:  "Be" / "Do" / "Have", ABN Amro, Singapore.
    • March 15-16th 2019, Facilitator, "Masters vs Robots in a Smart Nation - Reengineering for Customer Experience", SMU Professional Development Series, Singapore. 
    • February 28th, 2019, Panelist, "Transformation Management: How Successful Planning Can be a Powerful Tool in Enterprise Transformation", EI CXO Forum, Singapore.
    • February 23rd, 2019, Keynote, "Masters vs Robots", QuarterLifeCampus FastFwd Festival, Singapore.
    • February 14th-16th, 2019, Adjunct, "Creative and Critical Thinking", IE-SMU MBA Programme, Singapore Management University, Singapore.

    • December 10th, 2018, Quarter Life Campus, "Masters vs Robots in a Smart Nation", United Arab Emirates.
    • December 5th, 2019, ‘Intrapreneurship: Leveraging Team Creativity For Innovation & Growth’, General Assembly, The Hive, Singapore.
    • November 13-15th, 2018, Speaker, "Masters vs Robots in a Smart Nation" Masters & Robots Conference / SingularityU Warsaw Chapter, Warsaw, Poland.
    • November 13th, 2018, Panelist, Opening Panel, "Exponential World", Main Stage, Masters & Robots Conference, Warsaw, Poland.
    • November 13th, 2018, Panelist, "New forms of investments - Are ICO's the new Startup Lifeblood?", Startup Stage, Masters & Robots Conference, Warsaw, Poland.
    • November 13th, 2018, Panelist, "The Future of Drone Regulation", Startup Stage, Masters & Robots Conference, Warsaw, Poland.
    • November 14th  2018, Panelist, At the Kitchen Table - "The best laid plans of machines and men often go astray – regulating Industry 4.0", Discussion Stage, Masters & Robots Conference, Warsaw, Poland.
    • November 14th 2018, Moderator, "Immortality and Robots at Work: what humans should do to survive", Masters & Robots Conference, Warsaw, Poland.
    • November 14th 2018, Keynote, "Masters and Robots in a Smart Nation", Main Stage, Masters & Robots Conference, Warsaw, Poland.
    • November 15th 2018, Corporate Workshop for Siemens Future Directors, "Digital Mindset", Masters & Robots Conference, Warsaw, Poland.
    • November 6th 2018, Moderator, Open innovation for Safety, Security and Surveillance in a Smart Nation, Meetup, Urbana Champaign.
    • October 24th 2018, Faculty, Digital Transformation in a Smart Nation, Masters vs Robots, IE-SMU Global Executive MBA Program, Singapore Management University.
    • October 22nd 2018, Facilitator, The Digital Healthcare Revolution – Changes and Challenges for Hospitals, Healthcare Company, SMU Executive Education, Singapore Management University.
    • October 17 2018, "Lessons from my first startup", StartCon2018, Level3, Singapore.
    • October 16 2018, Open Innovation, "Using IoT to keep neighborhoods safe" Interchange Studio, Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific. Singapore. Panelist, "The Rise of Robotics in Manufacturing & Cobots - job displacement or opportunity?", Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific. Singapore.
    • October 11th 2018, Facilitator, Innovation for Functional Leaders Program, Reprogramming for a Digital Mindset, Digital Transformation Audit, Re-engineering the Citizen Experience, Public Sector Client, SMU Executive Education, Singapore Management University.
    • October 2nd 2018, Fireside Chat, Tech Entrepreneurship, Slingshot Accelerator Colombo Tour, University of Newcastle, Level3, Singapore.
    • October 2nd 2018, Fireside Chat, Introduction to IoT, QuarterLifeCampus, UAE.
    • September 13th 2018 - Facilitator, Innovation for Leaders Program, Corporate Leadership immersion in the Digital Transformation Journey, Singapore Civil Service College, Singapore Management University
    • September 6th 2018, Facilitator, Think like a ReFounder Power Session, SingTel, Singapore Management University.
    • August 30th 2018 - Facilitator, Reprogramming for a Digital Mindset, the Digital Transformation Audit, Digital Reputation Risk Management, Singapore Institute of Directors Program, Singapore Management University.
    • July 13th 2018, Keynote, Singapore Institute of Directors Graduation Ceremony, Singapore Management University
    • July 15th 2018, Facilitator, Industrial IoT Bootcamp, Design Thinking Workshop - Business Prototyping for Customer Experience, Industry of Things World Asia Conference
    • July 17th 2018, Facilitator, The Innovation Imperative, UOB Bank, Singapore Management University
    • July 26th  2018, Moderator, Uncovering the Potential of “FINTEGRATION” for SMEs, SME Business Innovation Summit, Singapore
    • June 25th 2018 - 14th July 2018, Adjunct, Creative and Critical Thinking, SMU MBA Programme, Singapore Management University
    • May 18-19 2018, Adjunct, Creative and Critical Thinking, IE-SMU MBA Programme, Singapore Management University 
    • May 15th 2018, Panelist: The Future of Technology and Work -  Artificial intelligence and the ocean of data, European Start Up Days, Katowice, Poland
    • May 15th 2018, Keynote: Risk and reputation management in corporations and start-ups in the era of the Internet of Things and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Differences and similarities. European Start Up days. Katowice, Poland
    • March 22nd 2018, 2-3.30pm, Speaker, Business Prototyping for Customer Experience: Future Ready Forum, Singapore Management University, Singapore 
    • March 22nd 2018, 4.20pm, Moderator, Closing Plenary Session IoT Asia Conference, Raising the Game For Industry Transformation in Asia, Singapore
    • March 21st 2018, Moderator, Predictive Maintenance in Aged Care, Fireside Chat, IoT Asia Conference, Singapore Expo TechSpace, Singapore
    • March 21st 2018, Panelist, Smart Cities, Who decided what is smart for us?, IoT Asia Conference, Singapore Expo, Singapore
    • February 9-10 2018, Creative and Critical Thinking, IE-SMU MBA Programme, Singapore Management University 
    • October 27th 2017, Facilitator, Business Prototyping for Customer Experience (Workshop), Warsaw, Poland
    • October 26th 2017, Moderator, Different Faces of Entrepreneurship, Warsaw, Poland.
    • October 26th 2017, Speaker, Reputation Risk Management on the b/leading edge (PowerTalk), Masters & Robots, Warsaw, Poland.
    • October 26th 2017, Pioneering Women's Welcome Masters & Robots, Warsaw, Poland.
    • October 10th 2017, Siemens Business Prototyping Workshop, "Prototyping for Customer Experience - a Design Thinking approach", Singapore 
    • May 18th 2017, Expert on Judging Panel for the StrategicRISK Awards 2017, Singapore. 
    • November 30th 2016, Panelist, "Fighting human trafficking and slavery", Trust Women Conference Singapore, Singapore Committee for UN Women, Tanglin International Centre, Singapore.
    • November 17th 2016, Panelist - "When Diversity Meets Innovation"Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA) Conference, Mandarin Marina Hotel, Singapore.
    • November 8 - 9th 2016, "Technology as a risk - Cybercrime and Data Privacy"  The Pan Asian Regulatory Summit 2016, Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong. Asia's key regulatory summit for Governance, Risk and Compliance professionals
    • November 10th 2016, "Defining, managing and quantifying reputation risk", Australia Risk Forum, Westin Hotel, Sydney, Australia. Australia's leading Risk Summit for Chief Risk Officers.
    • October 17th 2016, Malaysia Directors Academy, "Board Excellence - Effective strategy for Stakeholder Management", Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • October 18th 2016, Malaysia Directors Academy, "Powertalk: Bridging the gap via Stakeholder Engagement", Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • September 23rd 2016, "Are Financial Institutions fighting an unwinnable war against Cybercrime?, UK Government Anti-Corruption Week, BAE Systems, Nanyang Technical University Innovation Centre.
    • September 1st, 2016, Cyber Security simulation: What to do in the case of a data leak? The 2nd ASEAN Regulatory Summit, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
    • September 1st 2016, TRT World, Cyber Breach Interview, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
    • June 28th 2016, Master of Ceremonies and Speaker: Smart Governance Conference - Good Governance Week, Deloitte Singapore.
    • June 2nd 2016, Panelist: "Last line of defense - Questions to get to the root of it all", Financials hidden in plain sight - Why Directors and Management need to ask hard questions, Conference, CG Board Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    • May 17th 2016, Panelist: "Managing Reputation Risk", Strategic Risk Forum 2016, Singapore.
    • March 16th 2016, Master of Ceremonies,  "Foresight and Strategy in the Asia Pacific, Towards an Asian Century Event Series, NTUC Auditorium, Singapore
    • December 2nd, 2015, Speaker, "Navigating your Digital Capital in a Reputation Economy", TRIUM EMBA Alumni Webinar Series. TRIUM - a collaboration of NYU Stern, London School of Economics and Political Science and HEC School of Management.
    • November 25-26th, 2015, Speaker, "Reputation Risk Management in an Asian Century" and Moderator, "Best Practices in Reputation and Corporate Communications", Reputation Management Conference, Grand Park Orchard Hotel, Singapore
    • November 17th, 2015, Speaker and Panelist, PARIMA 2015, "Lose your reputation? You Risk Everything", Suntec Exhibition Centre, Singapore
    • November 18th, 2015, Speaker and Moderator, "Reputation Risks in an Asian Century", Insead Asia Campus
    • November 5th, 2015, Speaker and Panelist, "Managing Reputation Risks in a Crisis", Strategic Risk Magazine, Crisis and Risk Management : Building Resilience, Kuala Lumpur Risk Clinic, Westin, KL
    • September 30th, 2015, Speaker and Panelist, Managing Reputation Risks in a Crisis, Singapore Risk Clinic, Crisis and Risk Management : Building Resilience, Westin Singapore.
    • April 29-30th, 2015, Panelist, Sustainability and Risk Management - TBLI Asia Conference 2015, Insead Asia Campus, Singapore.
    • 13 November 2014, Speaker and Panelist, Governance, Risk and Compliance Alumni Forum 2014, Kuala Lumpur
    • 8 November 2014, Master of Ceremonies, Industry Forum - Content Strategy for Creative Communications, Singapore Management University
    • 10 June 2014, Speaker, 21st Century Tools for Fraud Surveillance and Corporate Governance, PwC, Hong Kong
    • 8 May 2014, Moderator, Motivation and Retention Strategies for the new Century - HR Conclave, SP Jain School of Global Management, Singapore
    • 22 April 2014, Speaker, 21st Century Portfolio Strategy for Reputation, Risk Management and Performance, ValueCap Sdn BhD, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    • 15 March 2014, Master of Ceremonies, Risk Issues and Crisis Management Industry Forum, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University, Singapore.
    • 5 December 2013, Speaker and Panelist, How Investors use ESG Information - a Reputation Risk perspective, CSR Asia Disclosure Forum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • 22 November 2013, Speaker, Portfolios of the 21st Century - Style Research and Quantshop, Sydney
    • 19 November 2013, Speaker, Portfolios of the 21st Century - Style Research and Quantshop, Singapore
    • 22 February 2012, Guest Skills Lecturer, eNetworking in a digital world, The London School of Economics and Political Science.
    • 1 July 2011, Speaker, Best Practice in Stakeholder Engagement and Reputation Management - Westpac Banking Corporation, Sydney
    • 2 June 2011, Speaker and Panelist, The Social Media Thunderstorm– Panel Debate - Social Media in a Corporate Context, London
    • 23 May 2011, Speaker, Best Practice in Reputation Management - International Olympic Committee, Lausanne
    • 10 May 2011, Speaker and Panelist, The Social Media Tsunami – Social Media in a Corporate Context, Amsterdam
    • 18 March 2011, Speaker, Stakeholder Engagement, APAC Public Policy Conference, Singapore
    • 25 January 2011, Speaker, Pharmaceutical Stakeholder Engagement, APAC Public Policy Conference - Singapore
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    • 11 November 2010, Speaker, Reputation Management, BITS, London
    • 22 October 2010, Speaker and Panelist, Crisis Communications - Social Media in a Corporate Context, PR Week, Manchester
    • 19 July 2010, Speaker and Panelist, Reinventing Crisis Communications in a Wired World, PR Week, London
    • July 2009, Workshop, Reputation Management and Identity Management for Web 3.0, Jericho Forum, London

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