As Founder and General Partner of R3i Capital and R3i Ventures, Soulodre transforms many of the world's most promising deep tech companies by accelerating their growth. From the world’s first severe dengue prognostic to room temperature powered quantum computers and long-duration renewable energy, Soulodre and her team are venture-building and investing in the disruptive technologies that will contribute to climate change adaptation and the transition to value-based care.


    Past Track:

    • Venture Partner to 3 VC Funds focused on responsible investment, DEI and climate impact: Mandalay Ventures (ESVC) - (Australia), Advaita Capital (Growth Equity) (Boston - USA), and Raiven Capital (Canada).
    • Resident Mentor to 3 VCs: 500 Global, Techstars, Invincibles 
    • EIR to 4 CVC: IAG Firemark, Petronas, PUB, Visa Accelerator;
    • EIR to 7 Governments/Cities: KIC SV, Arizona Commerce, Enterprise Singapore, Canadian Tech Accelerator, Austrade, NSW Investment, UNDP-Magic
    • Partner She Loves Tech in Western Europe, Southern Europe, Nordics, Japan and Korea.


    R3i's Fund Zero portfolio of companies includes :

    • Quantum Brilliance (AUS) is the world's first ambient quantum microprocessor powered by diamond - - SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy, SDG 5 - Gender Equality
    • StratifiCare (SG) personalized medicine company with the world's first dengue prognostic (Female founders) - SDG3 - Good Health and Wellbeing & SDG 5 - Gender Equality
    • Fruit Intelligence IoT Company, Rubens Technologies (AUS) - SDG 2 - Zero Hunger, SDG 5 - Gender Equality
    • Solar Thermal Material Company, MGA Thermal (AUS) - SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy, SDG 5 - Gender Equality
    • Netflix of Social Gaming Company, Goama - GoGames (SG) - SDG3 - Good Health and Wellbeing 
    • Context analytics, Black.ai (AUS) - SDG3 - Good Health and Wellbeing 
    • Oncology psycho digital therapeutics, Prosoma (POL)  - SDG3 - Good Health and Wellbeing 
    Board and Advisory

    Today Soulodre serves on the boards of R3i, the Australian not-for-profit RunwayHQ, and the Artificial Intelligence Asia Pacific Institute. She is also a Board Advisor/Observer to her portfolio companies Rubens Technologies, Viewmind, Stratificare, Regeneration, and Prosoma. Soulodre empowers her boards with best-practice fundraising, accelerated market access, reputation risk management, and cyber risk governance.


    Soulodre has served as an Expert Evaluator for the European Research Agency Horizon2020 Fund for SME ICT Disruption and as an Entrepreneur in Residence for both the Canadian High Commission Tech Accelerator in Singapore and the Australian High Commissioners' Landing Pad in Singapore. She also served on the Board of Australian Alumni Singapore and as Chairperson of the TRIUM Women's Group. She also leads the TRIUM Angels Network and supports the IEEE Entrepreneurship network.

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Leesa Soulodre is the Partner of She Loves Tech, and R3i, the long-term organizing partner licensee of SheLovesTech in Western Europe, Southern Europe, Nordics, Monaco, Switzerland, Japan and Korea. R3i holds Community licenses in the US, Canada, UK, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. She Loves Tech is recognized for running the world's largest startup competition for female entrepreneurs - its acceleration platform for women and technology - and creating an unrivalled ecosystem for women-led businesses. A vibrant community of more than 8,000 entrepreneurs in over 90 countries, R3i - She Loves Tech offers established partnerships with global VCs and angel investors. It contributes to capacity and capability building for in-country, gender empowerment and economic development and levelling the playing field for women's access to capital.

    At R3i we encourage our community to "Think a new Thought"

    Source: Issimo Agency

  • Douglas L. Jones, Former Director

    Advanced Digital Science Centre

    University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

    "Leesa is a serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur, who brings a broad range of perspectives to bear. She has worked in innovation leadership roles in a variety of industries - and from very large to startup companies, as well as in mentoring and consulting roles!


    You can find a short biography online but it doesn’t fully convey Leesa’s dynamism and freewheeling idea generation coupled with prompt and thorough execution."


    Managing Director

    Digital Transformation Group

    Nissan Renault

    "Leesa Soulodre is a collaborator, pioneer, and builder. She is a knowledgeable and seasoned technology entrepreneur, well-informed about her sector’s cutting-edge innovations and competitive strategy. As a collaborator, we have worked on numerous complex topics including analytics and machine learning applications for predictive software fault resolution of autonomous vehicles and digital risk transformation. Leesa continues to support me with the devil's advocacy that I need to find even greater creative solutions to very complex problems. She shows strong business and industry acumen, underwritten by a strong technical pragmatism and a unique ability in leveraging her extensive network.

    Leesa has grit, resilience, a strong curiosity and learning appetite, and a passion for human purpose! She infuses energy and performance into everything she touches. As a pioneer and builder, she is passionately committed to making a difference."

    Oliver Kysela

    CFO Forever New Group

    Behind Leesa's charming and sophisticated disposition is a highly motivated, respected and exceptionally energetic professional.


    To me, her competitive advantage is that her decision-making and advice is generated from strong and balanced principles that consider all facets of future value, and not just short-term success at any cost."

    Alexander Post, Cofounder, and Chief Innovation Officer

    MGA Thermal

    "Leesa Soulodre works with my deep-tech start-up company, as both a mentor and Advisory Board member. During this time, the energy, knowledge, and connections that Leesa has brought to the team have been absolutely invaluable. Professionally, Leesa is the most driven individual I've ever met, with unparalleled enthusiasm and an ability to make connections. This is backed up by her deep knowledge of the global startup investment landscape, a keen mind for commercial strategy and an amazing willingness to help.

    Personally, Leesa is both easy to get along with and tenacious, continuously mentoring all members of our team and fostering a great innovative atmosphere, and never failing to bring a voice of ambition, cooperation, and confidence to the table. On both levels, I cannot speak highly of her enough."

    Rachel Hong, CEO and Cofounder, Meracle Health

    "Our one on one coaching with Leesa at the IoT Tribe Accelerator helped to propel us forward in multiple aspects of our business. Through her vast network in the Medtech space, she has connected us to relevant partners and advisors with a broad range of capabilities. She has been instrumental in helping us articulate our market entry strategy and expand our access to the European market. True to her mission of founders first, the direction she provided focused on adding value by achieving critical milestones."

    Dr. Anthony Chua, Stratificare, Inc.

    "As a hands-on venture builder and founder Coach, Leesa has helped us to raise capital, secure advanced reimbursement from the world's largest insurance network, and through her extensive networks, accelerated our expansion into Latin America.


    I have not seen someone as willing to roll up her sleeves to help local DeepTech startups as Leesa. She brings irreplaceable contributions to our Board of Advisors, and to the local DeepTech startup ecosystem of Singapore."