Leesa currently serves as a Clinical Professor of Practice at the SMU Cox Business School

    facilitating capstone projects with founders and students in a program: Complex Problem Solving and Entrepreneurship.


    A postgraduate lecturer for over a decade, Soulodre has served as an Adjunct Faculty Member of the MBA and EMBA Programs of SMU Cox Business School, Singapore Management University, IE Business School and SMU Executive Education. She has served as a lecturer on the future of cyber risk governance and digital transformation for the SMU Singapore Institute of Directors Program and on the digital transformation of the Singapore Government for SMU's Civil Service College Innovation Programme.


    Soulodre holds a Global Executive MBA from TRIUM (NYU, HEC, & LSE) and a Master's in Management (Marketing) from the University of South Queensland. She is a Certified Reputation Manager of the Reputation Institute and a member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals, TBLI Group, and Global Women-VC.

    Adjunct Faculty Member

    SMU Executive Education

    SMU - SID Programme

    SMU-IE Business School MBA Programme

    SMU-IE Business School EMBA Programme

    IE Business School EMBA Programme

    IE Business School MBA Programme

    SMU Civil Service College Programme

    SMU MBA Programme

    SMU BIG Programme - IIE

    SMU Cox Business School MBA / EMBA

    IMD Business School

    • Artificial Intelligence and Bioethics
    • Futures of Hospital Management
    • Value-Based Healthcare
    • Founder Ethics
    • Responsible Investment
    • Impact Investment
    • Cyber Risk Governance
    • Digital Strategy
    • Creative and Critical Thinking
    • Digital Transformation
    • Digital Mindset
    • Masters vs Robots in a Smart Nation
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Design Thinking
    • Hyperawareness, the Inside Story

    Adjunct Faculty Member

    Lee Kong Chian School of Business

    MBA Program and Undergraduate Levels

    Singapore Management University


    • Creative and Critical Thinking
    • Risk Issues and Crisis Management
    • Content Strategy for Creative Communications

    Adjunct Faculty Member

    Mod'Art International

    MBA in Fashion and Luxury

    Master II in Economy and Management Fashion and Luxury Post Graduates

    Paris, France

    • Digital Communications
    • Reputation Risk Management
    • Public Relations


    Adjunct Faculty Member

    Ecole Superieure de Gestion

    MBA in Luxury Post Graduates

    Paris, France

    • Marketing Management
    • Luxury Advertising and Marketing
    • Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Professional Development

    Research Masters

    Dissertations Supervised

    • Reputation Risk Management for UV Protective Clothing
    • The Future of Luxury and Fashion Retailing in Russia
    • Generation Z and Digital Communications
    • Business Models for the Luxury Industry Post Economic Crisis
    • Brand risks in luxury and non-profit company brand association. 
    •  The new business models for the music industry - How the evolution of the markets, the technologies and consumer behaviour is driving new business models.
    • Australia - the new frontier for French winemakers.
    • Marketing luxury to the Masses – the Asian marketing paradigm
    • The association between profitability and Marks & Spencer’s “going green”.

    Research Projects as Mentor to MSc in Management Students - LSE

    • BASF Reputation Risk in Complex Global Supply Chains
    • HSBC’s Digital Strategy for their Emerging Markets Index
  • MBA Student

    Creative and Critical Thinking

    IE SMU MBA Programme

    "This is an excellent class. It pushes our cognitive "boundaries", preconceptions, giving us self-reflective and efficient decision-making processes. In the long-run, it will be very beneficial in management and leadership roles."

    Corporate Communications Faculty

    Dr. Mark Chong

    Professor and Academic Director

    Singapore Management University

    "She is a very dedicated and energetic teacher who sets high expectations and brings real-world perspectives into the classroom. She has also benefitted her students with her wide industry contacts. In recognition of her efforts, Leesa was named one of the best adjunct instructors."

    Bachelor of Business Student, COMM246

    Risk Issues and Crisis Management,

    Singapore Management University

    "Vast knowledge, great credentials, a sense of humour. Instructor was impressive to say the least. A real life changer this one."

    Dr. Sandy A.A Pepper, FME/ESRC Fellow,

    London School of Economics and Political Science

    “Leesa arranged and supervised two business projects for Masters in Management students at the LSE with a corporate reputation consultancy and a global bank.


    She arranged an excellent programme and coached the students to produce very good results. Feedback from the students on Leesa's role in their learning experience was very positive.”

    MBA in Fashion and Luxury

    Ecole Superieure de Gestion

    Paris Graduate School of Management

    "Luxury Advertising has no secret for us any more thanks to this Professor. Such a pleasure to go to class with a teacher who knows how to open your mind !"

    Hilary Walker

    Dean MBA Program

    Mod'Art International

    "As a lecturer, Leesa brings out the most and the best in students. She makes them use their resources and innovates ideas and methods. She is very highly qualified and experienced which gives her a mine of information for our International students.


    Can't recommend anyone so well! Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative”

    Master II in Economy and Management

    Fashion and Luxury Student

    Mod'Art International

    “She's an excellent professor because she stays at the forefront of her industry. She leads by example: education doesn't stop - she's always reinventing the message. She challenges students to think outside the box, to harness emerging technologies and finds ways to put learned knowledge into action. Her office door doesn't close. "

    Master II in Economy and Management

    Fashion and Luxury Student

    Mod'Art International

    "If I had to summarise her style in one word, it would be "passionate". Some professors feel that students are privileged to learn. Leesa sees it as more of a mutual benefit: she's privileged to teach and share her extensive knowledge and she's very appreciative of students willing to learn and push themselves to new levels.


    You can't ask for more. She's one of those professors that students will always want to, and do well to keep in touch with."